1st & 15th Entertainment (or F&F) is a record label founded by rapper Lupe Fiasco and partner Charles “Chilly” Patton around the year 2002. The label is distributed by Atlantic Records. Artists signed to 1st & 15th include Lupe Fiasco, Matthew Santos, GemStones and actress Christina Vidal.

In 2001, 1st & 15th Productions “FNF” burst onto the Chicago music scene as the brainchild and collaborative efforts of CEO, Charles “Chilly” Patton and Grammy Award Nominee and FNF President, Wasalu “Lupe Fiasco” Jaco.

As an independent record label housed under Atlantic Records and named after the traditional twice-monthly paycheck dates, 1st & 15th has become a formidable force in the music industry, working with and touting an impressive inventory of artists, collaborations, songwrtiers and in-house proudcers.

Despite the constantly evolving music industry, where, typically indie record labels struggle to survive, 1st & 15th Productions has not only remained relevant by staying current with music industry trends, but has managed to thrive. This success has come from 1st and 15th philosphy and dedication to discovering, cultivating, fostering, development and launching of fresh, diverse, unique and distinctive talent.

1st & 15th’s impressive collabrotive roster includes work with Jay-Z, Pharrel, Beyonce, Kanye West, Kick Push and Jill Scott.

Currently, the imprint is home to Superstar Emcee Lupe Fiasco, Matthew Santos, R&B Vocalist Sarah Green, Gemstones, Producers – Soundtrakk and Drop, Punk Band Japanese Cartoon and Actress Christina Vida